Gardening & Grounds Maintenance

We tailor our grounds maintenance packages to meet the needs of individual clients, whether you need visits on a  weekly, fortnightly, monthly or other time scale basis we can match your requirements


Communal Grounds on Residential Apartments Blocks / Complexes

✅  Grass Cutting – as necessary throughout the year
✅  Attending to flower beds and shrub beds – as necessary throughout the year
✅  Pruning and hedge cutting – dependent on growth
✅  Weed spraying of gravel paths and car parks
✅  Car park sweeping – as required by the client, on a regular basis or
one off sweeps
✅  Removal of all household waste -to include garden refuse in addition to
general waste and items left by previous tenants
✅  Power washing – to patios, driveways and balconies

Industrial Grounds Maintenance

We maintain a wide range of industrial sites in the region and can offer an individually tailored
service dependent on needs. We are fully licensed as shown below :-

✅  We hold all the necessary waste removal/carriage licences issued by Devon County Council.
✅  Weed Spraying Certificate of Competence in the Safe Use of Pesticides is held by each employee
✅  Tipping Licence : Certificate of Registration under the Control of Pollution

Domestic Gardening

 Grass cutting
✅  Attending to flower beds and shrub beds
✅  Pruning and hedge cutting
✅  Weed spraying of gravel paths and driveways
✅  Removal of all household waste

All of these services can be tailored to the client’s needs as shown above

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